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Dr Jignesh B Patel Associate Professor
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Ca2+ - substitution effect on the elect...

Author: Jani K.K.;Barad D.V.;Raval P.Y.;Nehra M.;Vasoya N.H.;Jakhar N.;Modi K.B.;Kumar S.;Lim D.K.;Singhal R.K.

Probing Fano resonance, relaxor ferroelectricity, ...

Author: Meshiya U.M.;Raval P.Y.;Joshi N.P.;Vasoya N.H.;Upadhyay D.;Jha P.K.;Modi K.B.

Impact of Mn2+-Si4+ co-subst...

Author: Jani K.K.;Raval P.Y.;Vasoya N.H.;Nehra M.;Singh M.;Jakhar N.;Kumar S.;Modi K.B.;Lim D.K.;Singhal R.K.

Fe3+-substitution effect on the thermal...

Author: Modi K.B.;Raval P.Y.;Parekh D.J.;Modi S.K.;Joshi N.P.;Makadiya A.R.;Vasoya N.H.;Joshi U.S.